Your Donation: A funding breakdown

Once we have the start-up funding in place, we will set about creating the secure forum central to the National YES Registry’s organisational structure. We will also, as a matter of urgency, begin to arrange meetings with the various membership groups (and any others that wish to join) during which our full-time staff member can give a detailed talk on our ideas for the Registry and it’s remit. The main aim of these meetings however, will be to consult with the membership groups directly and develop a more accurate and representative brief from which to create the National YES Registry structures.

To achieve all the above (and more) we are setting an initial fundraising target of £8965 This is a rough estimate of what we think likely to be the absolute minimum funds required to cover the one-off set up costs of getting the National YES Registry up and running as a functioning campaigning legal entity. Once the National YES Registry is up and running, we suggest a voluntary (very modest), monthly subscription from each of the groups to cover costs and perhaps build up a war chest for seed funding of approved grass-root project proposals. This however will be a matter for the collective to decide.

Our target represents the minimum figure of what will be required. Any funding over the minimum will be used as follows: 

£8956 is our best estimate. Any funds raised over and above the minimum wage target will be used to augment our staff member’s income to a living wage (the figures in brackets). Any funds raised over and above those required to provide a living wage will be used to enhance the forum design and ease the timely set up of the National YES Registry project. We will also produce further educational films on the various subjects pertaining to the workings of the Registry. Any remainder will be deposited in the Registry’s official bank account as soon as legal ‘Collective’ status can be achieved and banking facilities are made available.

Our funding target breakdown:

£4420 (living wage £5338) 4 months full-time staff member at minimum wage
£2000 Secure forum design, set up costs, web-space and equipment for running it
£1000 Legal fees and professional advice on collective set up
£1200 Expenses
(transport etc. for employee to visit all groups explain the concept and recruit delegates)
£8620 (9538) Including 10% contingency
£344.8 (381.52) 4% Indiegogo fee
£8964.8 (9919.52) Total

Advancing our formation.

As a simple matter of choreography, it will be impossible to form as a true, group-membership owned collective until many legal and organisational hurdles have been overcome and every membership group is ready take their place. This (with your active support and that of the membership) is our task ahead.

It is therefore vitally important that until we are able to incorporate legally as an official ‘Collective’, we should set out to develop, discuss and act as that functioning collective entity from the very beginning. This will be the staff member’s first priority and the reason behind holding, as soon as is possible, local and regional ‘face to face’ meetings with each of the existing 65 membership groups.

These meetings will provide each group an opportunity to hear in person our initial proposals, but much more importantly, through questioning, presentation and discussion, have a direct way of proposing their own ideas on the best way forward.

In advancing our formation in this way, although seemingly laborious and time consuming, the National YES Registry will, from the outset, reflect and respond to the ideas of it’s grassroots membership. It will also underline our commitment to and the importance of, a culture of collective responsibility. Practically emphasising each local autonomous group’s essential role in the future success of this larger shared ‘national’ project.

Setting these foundations is the first step to encourage and instill the necessary open, questioning, pro-active ‘can-do’ culture that is absolutely essential to the success of the National YES Registry concept. A culture that was born and flourished during Indyref1 and gave that campaign all its vibrance and power to inspire. A culture which is at the very core of everything great about this grass-root, active-citizen led movement. A Scottish Independence movement that has already shaken Westminster and the British establishment to it’s foundations.

We believe it’s now time to organise again… and keep on doing it!

Many thanks from all here at the National YES Registry for taking the time to consider these proposals and hopefully for donating. Donating to the National YES Registry is not simply a matter of finances, although, as a bare minimum these are absolutely essential. More important over the long term however, is the donation of your ideas, your experience, enthusiasm and determination to make a difference. Please do get involved and help shape the National YES Registry into that pro-Indy, agenda setting, campaigning organisation and grass-root voice that we all believe it should be. An organisation and voice our newly emerging Scotland desperately needs heard.


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