Yes Video Transcript – part three

We have spent the last 6 months hunting down and making contact with as many surviving Yes / indy supporting grass roots groups still operating.

We currently have 65 members spread throughout the country with others interested but not yet committed.

This is what we propose.

• The national yes registry takes the form of a secure internet forum, owned and run as a true collective by it’s membership groups.

• The forum will be an extension of each of the existing autonomous independent local groups that make up our membership

• Each group will provide two delegates to voice and relate group concerns to and from the forum.

• This will give a tangible form to the existing groups spread through out the country. Making us visible again.

• It will also, at a stroke, allow every group to talk directly with their fellow groups, no mediation. No middle power structure. If a group has a problem, an idea to share, an issue to air, experience to teach, a project to support, anything they think relevant, they simply bring it to the forum.

Those groups interested in that particular subject just take it from there….All ‘authority’s’ gained solely through grass root appraisal and approval.

• Use of the forum can give economies of scale for the purchase of merchandise, equipment, leaflets and materials.

• It will encourage sharing and sourcing of equipment and expertise among the groups. Such as simple badge making machines, to graphic design, legal, political, and organisational know how.

• It will be a place for newly formed groups to simply plug into, what is, their already existing national Yes movement.

• A place to build practical self help networks and support mechanisms for new and existing Indy groups

• A place where ideas, proposals, fundraisers, news letters, press contact, constitutional developments and more, raised by any member and taken direct to the entire national Yes registry to evaluate, raise support and if necessary, take to a vote.

• In this way an authentic voice of the grass root movement can be formed and heard with authority on issues of importance to us, the grass roots.

• As a result come indyref 2, the grass roots will already be speaking and leading itself, and able to take it’s seat along side any other Yes Leaderships.

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