Yes Video Transcript – part five

So that’s where we are, and also what we propose to do about it.

Over the last six months we have tracked down the details and made contact to begin to create the National Yes registry membership. At present there are 65 indy supporting activist groups so far still operating around Scotland.

From Yes Shetland to Yes Alliance Wigtownshire and Yes St Andrews in the east to Yes on the Isle of Bute in the west.

If they and you would like to see this vision of a truly collective grass roots campaigning network created, with the capability to find the authentic voice of our grass roots communities, and use it’s democratic authority to lead and further the cause of Scottish Independence, then we need your support to make it happen.

in every field and way that it’s vibrant, enthusiastic, multi-skilled and talented (but geographically disparate) rank and file membership can take it,

Before a true collective can be formed from an initial membership of 65 groups, or more, a lot ground work, consultation and negotiation must take place.

A secure forum must be built with the capability to grow and expand organically, rapidly, and safely.

We need to create an interim constitution that each group of the collective can sign up to.

We need to find, recruit and train the delegates from each of the membership groups, not difficult, but time consuming considering the geography.

In short we need to get many, many ducks in a row before we pull the trigger and launch as a fully fledged membership owned collective, with the pre formed interim structures in place and ready to discuss, debate and develop it’s final constitution, with elected office bearers, accounts and legal status.

It must also be able to start operating effectively from day one of launch; on all the campaigning requirements this film has explained it is capable of fulfilling.

All this and quickly, as we have another election campaign coming in a year, which the forum could play a very large part in.

So, for all the above reasons we are proposing a very tight (but we believe with the goodwill of the grass root yes movement) a very doable deadline of the 18th September this year.

This will entail at least the need for a full time staff member on minimum wage for the time running up to launch.

It will require funds to design, set up, and run the secure forum.

For equipment and web space to maintain the forum.

And it will require travel expenses so that the employee can meet the groups from all round the country to fully explain the National Yes Registry project and recruit and train the necessary delegates.

We also plan to continue to make more explanatory films such as the one you have just watched covering subjects such as:

Collective ownership of the national Yes registry
The constitution of the national Yes Registry.
Delegates rights, roles and responsibilities toward their group and the forum.
Voting in the collective.

If you would like to help get this project to launch, we need some funding, please donate through the website:

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