A National YES Registry:

The Concept

The idea is simple. Get all the existing pro-Indy grass-root activist groups, no matter how geographically disparate, linked together in a practical and mutually supportive campaigning network. This network should be collectively owned and run by each of its autonomous membership groups.

Through the practical process of creating such a network and the inherent self organisation that such a task involves, we will together find, and begin to make heard the authentic, considered voice of the ‘grass-root’ Scottish Independence movement. Unlocking all the wisdom and authority that such a voice will naturally carry.

How we propose achieving the above aim is open to debate, but our own ideas of how to make a start can be found within the short series of films posted on this web-site, the transcripts of which are also freely available and can be found here.

Part One   Part Two   Part Three   Part Four   Part Five

For further reading, see this published on Bella : http://bellacaledonia.org.uk/2014/11/02/a-yes-registry/


Why a National YES Registry? 

After the shock and upset of the NO vote, we set out to try and understand what was, and still is, this incredible national political awakening that we were all so heavily involved in and dedicated to. The amazing diversity, creativity and sheer unbridled political determination that exemplified it, and that was at the center of the grass-root movement throughout the referendum campaign.

Being intimately involved at the grass-root YES Shop ‘level’ gave plenty of practical ideas of where the next Yes campaign could be easily enhanced, but to link those ‘day to day’ practical experiences with the larger strategic organisational and campaigning understanding required to effect positive advances and serious change to the effectiveness of the grass-root Indy movement as it stands at the moment, requires much more analysis.

So, to understand how best to proceed we must first try to understand where we are now and how exactly we got here. That is the goal of the first two parts of our film and an essential foundational first step toward formulating, what we believe to be, a well-grounded and practical plan for the development of our next phase of pro-Indy grass-root campaigning and organisation (as explored in film parts 3, 4 and 5).

We have taken the time to produce these films and to create this web-site in order to explain our own thinking, stimulate debate, provoke discussion and hopefully encourage participation around how and what form that essential further development of our wider grass-root Indy movement should take. These are just our suggestions and should be seen only as a starting point, from which the autonomous groups can build the true grass-root organisation from.

Please do take some time to view and digest the content and if you like what you see, please donate what you can, share nationalyesregistry.scot as widely as possible and most importantly, consider getting involved.
For this project to really succeed, it does truly require ‘collective’ support (in every sense of the phrase), as well as the goodwill and can-do attitude that the pro-Indy grass-root campaign has become rightly famed for.

For futher reading:  https://www.facebook.com/nationalyesregistry/posts/464311097041785


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