Where we are now ?


We currently have 20 ‘Vanguard’ member groups’ who are signatories to the ‘Declaration of support’ and who have been instrumental in developing the NYR project. We are all indebted to them for providing the grass-root authority and backing required in order to get us to this next stage.

Each ‘vanguard’ group has their own @nationalyesregistry.scot email account for dealing with Registry business, the general public and for ease of contact with one another. This is over and above any existing email adress’ that their group may have and not designed as a replacement. This email gives each group a membership to our ‘Interim delegate forum’, a simple google group forum which is hosted on our website. This has been set up to allow the ‘vanguard group’ delegates to raise and address all the important formation issues that need actioned collectively, while waiting on the delivery of the NYR ‘Forum Mechanism’ proper.

As each new group joins the Registry, similarly they will be designated their own email and their delegates will gain access to the forum to take part in all discussions and decision making for the project. The more (and wider) the participating groups, the more effective and wide ranging these discussions will be. This is the purpose of our recruitment drive. So, we hope to be holding many more ‘face to face’ group meetings around the country, where we can discuss things directly with prospective groups and hopefully answer any questions that their memberships may still have about the project.

An important role that the 20 ‘vanguard’ groups have been able to play is that of a ‘client base’, around which the design of the NYR ‘forum mechanism’ has been developed. The geographical and demographic range found within the ‘vanguard’ 20 have hopefully allowed us to develop a ‘platform design’ for the forum that will address the many varied situations that Scotland’s disparate grass-root groups currently operate under.

Urban/Rural, Large/Small, With/Without Funds, Yes/No Areas, Island/ Mainland etc. etc. 20 has been a manageable number of groups to work with and consider, while still hopefully allowing for a design brief specific enough to cope with the needs and requirements of a truly mass membership, should the idea take off as we hope it will. We are, as you can see, planning for success 🙂

So, if your group likes the sound of all this, why not just fill in our contact form and let’s get on with it! 🙂

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