Website Launch

Welcome to the National YES Registry. In this website, we have set out to try and understand what was, and still is, this incredible national political awakening that we are all so heavily invested in and dedicated to. That amazing diversity, creativity and sheer unbridled political determination that was at the center of the grass-root Indy movement, throughout the referendum campaign and is now exemplified by its continuation after it.

Being intimately involved at the grass-roots YES Shop level gave us plenty of practical ideas of where the next Yes campaign could easily be enhanced, but to link those ‘day to day’ practical experiences with the larger campaigning and organisational understanding required to effect serious change to our grass-roots movement required much more analysis. To move forward we must first understand how we got to where we are just now…
That has been the aim of this website. Our analysis is our own and our proposals are simply a starting point from which to begin the debate. We really hope that it adds strategically and practically to the movement’s current thinking and we look forward to your responses and hopefully further participation in the project.

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