UPDATE: IndyApp Release Strategy


Hi everybody,
in order to maximise the number of groups on the IndyApp ready for our 18th of September launch date, we are making a change to our roll-out plans. Our new aim is to ensure each and every group, at the very least, has a working ‘front door’ with the capability to allow an interested member of the public to find them (and the next closest 21 groups), view all groups on a google map search, make easy contact or ask to join their chosen group and for that group to be able to quickly respond to any such enquiry in return.

The IndyApp itself will be ready by the 18th of September but, as a community of groups, there are still other important logistic and organisational requirements which must be factored into any IndyApp release plans. Therefore, under current circumstances the most prudent way to proceed is through a systematically phased roll-out procedure.

Phase 1 is critical, as it not only involves logging each group into the IndyApp for the first time, but also entails a local admin to input info onto their group’s ‘front door’ ready for the general public interest on September the 18th. This ‘Public Download Launch’ date is an incredibly important publicity deadline for us that unfortunately is not in our control. The task of inputting group information is not difficult and will be accompanied with clear self explanatory tutorial films and timetabled webinars should support be required. We have also decided to enter the most basic group info into the IndyApp ourselves on your behalf, simply to ensure that the IndyApp has all the functions required (and expected) by the general public upon launch.

Once this has been achieved, and the Public Launch is a success, we will then phase in all the ‘group based’ functions over an agreed and published timetable, with further tutorial films, live web seminars and ‘face to face’ group meetings for both Admins and individual group members. The important point is that the IndyApp is understood and being used effectively by the community of groups as each new phase is entered.

This phased approach will not take long, but it’s timing should only be dictated by the group needs and not some arbitrary preset deadline. Remember, each phase will be giving the groups (and the grass-root Indy movement) very new and exciting capabilities. Each stage will be a significant advance on where we were before and as such, will present another great publicity opportunity to encourage further new group and general public participation in the IndyApp community.

We also have technical deadlines that must be reached for the Apple version of IndyApp to get through Apple registration by the 18th of September. This means that all initial pre-launch work carried out by the groups on completing their own ‘front door’ information on the IndyApp will have to be done using the Android version only. This is another reason for us taking responsibility for inputting the minimum required info on behalf of each group and why it is essential that we receive all requested information ASAP when each group receives that request.

We will be sending out those information requests to our group contacts very shortly.
Please share this update with all interested parties. Many thanks everyone. We are definitely getting there! 🙂

Jason Baird

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