‘Indy App’ crowd funder is a GO GO!

Here we go folks, the final PUSH!

Please give what you can, and as soon as you can! The ‘Indy App’ crowdfund appeal is only over 3 weeks this time (instead of 4) as we have been forced to bring all our plans forward due to Brexit! Our national download launch to the public will be on September the 18th…and it’s LOOMING! :-/

Please donate, like and share this link https://igg.me/at/nyr-indyapp EVERYWHERE!
Thanks again for all your support. Please have a good read, and watch the films on our link. The appeal really explains the NYR ‘Indy App’ project and just what it will do for the entire grass-roots. It’s almost there, we just need to pay for it now….

Has your group made contact with us yet? Go on, get yourselves fully networked! We are just waiting on your email. If you’re an individual then simply download the Indy App on the 18th. 🙂

Check it out! https://igg.me/at/nyr-indyapp

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