Regional Meetings

As important preparation to Gathering#2, the National Yes Registry are holding a series of regional meetings to present and distribute the newly completed IndyApp2.0 to local groups up and down the country. Equally important, each of these events will also be an open forum for face to face participation in the preparations surrounding Gathering#2 being held on the 24th of November.

Please come along to your nearest meeting, have your say on the organisation of these important national grassroots events and be the first to see and get access to the all-new and expanded IndyApp2.0!

Jason Baird told us ‘Gathering#2 and the consultation on the Growth Commission findings that will make up part of that national event are very important moments, organisationally, in the development of the grassroots movement.

That’s why it’s so important that we get maximum participation from ‘normal’ Yessers and local group members in how the events are run and what topics should and should not be included. It is also very important that folk begin to understand the central role the newly completed IndyApp2.0 will play in grassroots communications.

Communications between: individual group members, local groups, suppliers and designers as well as the movement’s wider Yes organisations such as SiF, SIC, WfI, CommonWeal, and Business for Scotland etc.
So please, if you are interested in grassroots Yes, Gathering#2 or want to learn more about the new IndyApp’s communication capabilities, please come along to your nearest meeting. All are welcome!