Process of gathering data from the users document.

The process of gathering data from Users is:

On download of the IndyApp application users are requested to register the following information: Name, email address and postcode.

The platform allows for data to be published and stored on our servers via: Private Messaging, Public forums and a Portal.

Portal is used to update a local group’s front door and to add/remove or restrict a members ability to post.


We encourage all users not to post sensitive information of anybody in any form without their consent, as we cannot be held responsible for the leaking of such information or any misuse of it. This is why we do not actively ask users for any sensitive information in accordance with current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

User Access and control of personal data

A user can directly delete themselves from the platform via the ‘Delete Yourself’ link on the ‘User Options’ page on the IndyApp.

A user can view, or change, all the personal information we hold (Name, email and postcode) at anytime, via the ‘Change details’ link on the ‘User Options’ page and following the instructions.