Our relationship to Political Parties

We propose that the National YES Registry follow as closely as possible the vibrant, open and inclusive blueprint that made the grass-root YES referendum campaign such a joy to belong to! Therefore, just as long as they feel their primary goals (be they political, social or cultural) are best served by the creation of an Independent Scotland, then members of all and any political party, organisation or pressure group are more than welcome to join and participate in the National YES Registry project.

Just as was the case during Indyref1, grass-root campaigners are more than capable of dual campaigning identities, be they members of political parties, Radical Independence Campaigners, Women for Indy, Business for Scotland, football supporters clubs, ex-service personnel etc. or simply good old fashioned non-aligned active citizens. In fact, it is the understanding of this manifestation of campaigning, its realisation, its acceptance and its celebration that could be argued as the defining feature of our grass-root success as a movement.

It was certainly responsible for the YES campaign’s ability to effectively address and engage in debate with all of Scottish society, in all its complexities and seeming contradictions. It was this that gave our campaign the social, cultural and political relevance which allowed the unanswerable arguments for Scottish independence to be heard and debated fully (for many individuals and communities, incredibly, for the very first time).

This is how and where all those previously inconceivable, but now well formed and solidly embedded, social networks and campaigning connections were forged and that have now, post referendum, changed Scotland so utterly. Let us be absolutely clear, we plan to build on this open and dynamic new political culture. Organisationally it must be at the core of the National YES Registry. We cannot risk the return to an imaginary and simplistic binary party political paradigm. A political mindset so desperately required and eagerly encouraged by an establishment that has always served (and been served by) the union so well.

The National YES Registry will be made up of and owned by, the individual autonomous membership groups, whatever and wherever their own specific interests lie. For this reason certain ‘ground rules’ will have to be agreed upon, from which all groups can interact and make common cause.

We propose the following Interim Constitution be adopted by each of the participating groups, until such time as the ‘Forum’ is set up and a full constitution can be hammered out via discussion and votes within (and between) the groups, their delegates as well as any and all National YES Registry interested parties.

Each group must consider, debate and then vote on whether this interim constitution is acceptable. All in the National YES Registry must be advanced voluntarily and democratically from within each membership group. Votes are essential.

For further reading on this subject and a more conceptual understanding of how we perceive the relationships of the grass-roots with the existing political parties, media, pressure groups and establishment authorities of Scotland please see this article written during the New Year period: https://www.facebook.com/nationalyesregistry/posts/476796702459891

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