Our first ‘face to face’ group meeting

Hi everybody,

just to say that we had an early meeting on Monday night (17th) with AIM for Yes Garnock Valley and West Kilbride (also attended by members of other local pro independence groups).

The discussions were very productive with interesting and considered points being raised. Many of which will be central to the ‘collective’ nature of the National Yes Registry structures and will therefore need to be addressed collectively by the individual groups before definitive answers can be found.

The meeting ended in unanimous agreement to take part in our proposed National Yes Registry presentation/discussion ‘Tour’ of participating groups and an individual group member has been appointed to liaise with us in order to organise that future ‘tour’ date.

These dates will be finalised once we have a full list of all the groups who also want to take part, in order to work out the logistics of such a ‘tour’.

We would therefore like to urge all groups to please raise the issue of their own participation in the National Yes Registry ‘Tour’ at their next meeting (and if the group would like to participate by inviting our speaker), to then also appoint an individual group member to liaise with us, who we can set times and dates with.

Monday’s first meeting with a participating group has been an incredibly useful and positive experience and we would like to thank AIM for Yes Garnock Valley and West Kilbride for the invite and early opportunity. I think its success really underlines the importance of the initial ‘face to face’ group meeting phase of the Registry’s creation. So, we do hope that as many groups as possible decide to take part in our discussion ‘tour’, hear our proposals and help direct the collective development of this campaigning network.

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