National Training Weekend – IndyApp Platform

Now that the IndyApp platform is ready, the National Yes Registry (NYR) are holding a national training weekend for all local Group Editors and interested group members. It will be held at The Station Hotel in Perth over 07/08 December 2019, with 160 training places available and overnight accommodation for 100. 

Payment is by £25 booking, required from each attendee. Training places are being heavily subsidised and include: meals, refreshments, WiFi and parking facilities, all-inclusive. Training places and Saturday night accommodation are available on a first come first served basis only. Ideally, we would like two members from each group to attend and for the event to be gender-balanced, if at all possible. We also want this training weekend to be a team building experience open to all, so, we will be creating a ‘ticket bank’ and hopefully a small travel fund for those of you who would like to attend but cannot afford the £25 booking deposit. For help, please contact us directly:  

Important: Please book ASAP as all funds raised from your £25 booking deposit will go into our match-fund pot to boost the crowdfunding campaign designed to help pay for the actual £90+ per costs of the training event.   

Book your training place and select your accommodation here… 

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