National IndyApp Training Weekend – Perth

The beginning of a Process –

After holding test events, we have now designed an interactive training process that very practically takes users through all the networking functions of the IndyApp platform. Lessons cover communication Forums, Action Rooms and Resource Sharing, as well as the new features found on the Editor Portal. As attendees are travelling from across Scotland, training has been designed as a 2-day residential course. Day one will train everyone on the platform functions, and day two will use that knowledge to create and populate the editor support structures needed to develop the Yes movement and cascade the training process down to ALL groups across Scotland. This national event marks the start of country-wide group training, to put all local group memberships into direct communication with one another and share resources, campaign ideas and build campaigning networks direct on the IndyApp platform, collectively as autonomous groups.

Beginning at the Station Hotel, Perth, 7/8 of December 2019

Training Timetable: Our aim is to synchronize this IndyApp training (and network readiness across all participating groups) with the Scottish Government’s own IndyRef legislation, currently working its way through Holyrood and scheduled for completion by Christmas. We want everyone connected and ready to go just as soon as the Scottish Government is.

After Christmas: Once we are confident groups are properly networked and able to respond to public enquires, we can then all focus on expanding IndyApp membership to as many Yes supporters outside of the current group networks as we can. Getting many, many more Yessers actively involved in campaigning!

Weekend Agenda

Day1: Train all Group Editors on the completed IndyApp Platform (Editor Portal and App functions). Collectively decide on and create geographical Editor Support Areas.

Day2: Representatives from across the movement (political parties, Indy organisations, designers and suppliers) invited to attend and work alongside the Group editors in designating & populating Action Rooms for specific grassroots campaigning. Example: Building a nationwide distribution network capable of storing and delivering 1 million Wee Blue Books, when the time comes.

Creation of Editor Support Areas: used to organise and cascade the same training down to every individual group membership across the country. To be timetabled for the 3 months running up to Christmas, and achieved via local and regionally-organised group training events.

We are very excited and looking forward to seeing everyone at the event in December – there will be evening activities for socialising, and much fun will be had!

Remember though, a large event such as this requires a great deal of advance preparation. Our training process in particular NEEDS early knowledge of everyone who is attending and where each participant is coming from. So, please book your training place and accommodation with us as soon as possible.   

Our booking page is here

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