NYR was the Caterpillar, Indy App is the Butterfly!

They are related of course, but still very different beasts. It is therefore easiest for you to now just read about the Indy App and its’ organisational and campaigning functions. You will be then be fully up to date and able to ask relevant questions rather than get side tracked with previous requirements and proposals that were needed to get us all to this stage, but which are now surplus to requirements.

Hopefully the following Indy App details will do just that…

Where did the ‘Indy App’ idea come from?

The National Yes Registry (NYR) have, since the NO vote, been forging contacts in surviving and dormant pro-indy local groups all over the country, in preparation for Indyref2. During this time we developed our NYR networking concept and, one year ago, successfully crowdfunded to travel the country and hold ‘face to face’ meetings with these Indy groups. We then followed this with the first ever National Conference of Grass-root Yes Groups held in Largs on the 5th of December 2015, with over 60 delegates attending. Groups from Orkney down to Jedburgh and from St Andrews through to Skye and everywhere in between!

Our Largs conference film and a full list of the original 20 ‘vanguard’ groups can be viewed here https://vimeo.com/167142844

What will the Indy App do?

At our conference the groups discussed the requirements of a successful national grass-root network and we gained the support of 20 ‘Vanguard’ groups to initiate the design and creation of our FREE National Yes Registry networking tool:

The Indy App

The Indy App will directly connect each autonomous group to their fellow Indy Groups throughout the country. No external mediation, no central power structure.

As each group joins the Indy App for FREE, they will create a personalised ‘front door’ for easy access to their contact details by interested members of the general public.

On the ‘Indy App’, each group will have their own ‘Local Forum’ where their entire membership can discuss, plan and organise their Indyref2 campaign strategies.

They will also be members, collectively as a group, of the ‘National Forum’ for sharing of ideas, resources, campaign strategies, merchandise orders, mentoring, social event organisation and much, much more… All at a local, regional and national Level!

How will it work?

On FREE download of the Indy App, interested individuals simply type in their postcode and the App will direct them to a selection of their nearest indygroups, to contact, join and be warmly welcomed into the Yes movement.

If no group exists locally, the Indy App will offer to put those interested local individuals into contact with one another in order to meet, discuss and then hopefully form a local group themselves.

The creation and delivery of the NYR Indy App, as a FREE resource, will enhance all aspects of our grass root Yes movement’s campaigning capabilities over the coming months and years. Through its popular use, we hope to grow and encourage participation in the local group grass-root network to prepare ourselves, as a movement, for a flying start to Indyref2 and Scotland’s independence!

Strategy for Indy App launch on 18th of September 2016

In order to ensure that the Indy App release to the public coincides with the 2nd anniversary of Scotland’s first Independence referendum, and all the accompanying media interest and free publicity that anniversary will generate, the Indy App has already been designed and its’ construction is well underway.

This work is being carried out as we speak, but payment for that work will have to come from this crowd fund as Brexit brought all our plans forward by more than a month and a half (unfortunately this also includes our funding timetable)! But, as the old saying goes, ‘fortune favours the brave!’ So, lets Hope so… πŸ™‚

What your donation will go toward?

This crowd fund is to cover the costs incurred to realise and support the NYR ‘Indy App’ project. Some of the expenses include: the Indy App design and creation costs by professional coders, a national ‘seminar tour of the groups’ at which we will roll out the Indy App to some of the 80+(and growing) local groups already expressing their wishes to participate. This ‘tour’ will happen in the run up to our public launch. However, we will also need a much longer follow up ‘tour of the groups’ for after the public launch date. This later ‘tour of the groups’ will be designed to get everybody organised and ready to access all the functions of the Indy App. Specifically, ensuring each group knows how to post effectively on the ‘National Forum’. Each tour will (as usual) be carried out by traveling and sleeping in ‘the wee blue van’, an integral member of our NYR team! πŸ™‚

For a fuller explanation of our roll-out strategy (both before and after our public launch on September the 18th) please follow this link http://tinyurl.com/zojrqzf