Invitation to our ‘face to face’ tour of the Groups.

Hi Everybody,

Hope you are all having a more than bearable anniversary. We would like to take this opportunity to invite all interested pro-indy groups to take part in our ‘face to face’ tour of the groups, at which we can make a short NYR presentation and hold open discussions afterward. We have also sent out the following email (Friday 11th)) to those pro indy  groups already listed in the Registry.  If you would like us to come along for a ‘face to face’ meeting then please encourage your own pro-indy group to get in touch.  If you could also share this invite and pass the word around as widely as possible and encourage other groups to consider hearing (in person) what the project is all about, then that would be fabulous too! 🙂

Really looking forward to hearing from you.


Please confirm interest by return email:


Having raised the necessary crowd funding (thanks again everybody 🙂 we are now organising the promised ‘face to face’ meetings with as many as possible of the pro-indy groups that have registered an interest in taking part in the National YES Registry project. If you would like us to come and give a presentation and open discussion with your membership, then please reply to this email so that we can organise a time, date and place for the meeting.

Please select/appoint an individual from your group who can negotiate with us a time, date and place for that ‘face to face’ group meeting to take place.

We will need their name, contact email and phone number.

Our corresponding contact for your group will be Jason Baird, Telephone 07468 ******,



We are setting a deadline of October 1st (at the latest) for each group to have confirmed their desire to participate in the ‘face to face’ tour and submit the details of their group contact. This will allow us to finalise our participating group list, which will then in turn, allow us to plan the most efficient route to cover the geographical spread of the participating groups. We can then go ahead and set the individual group order, meeting dates and venues with each group’s responsible contact. This will be done by the first week of October and the events can start taking place from mid October onward.

PROPOSED TIMETABLE THEREAFTER (pending explicit agreement from the participating groups)

Our plan is to have the ‘face to face’ group meeting phase completed well before December, and then be ready to hold a conference for the newly appointed Group delegates to get to know one another and familiarise themselves with the organisational needs of our new network. This conference should be held before each group has it’s annual Christmas get together, at which each group’s delegates can then update their group with all National YES Registry progress. This should be a great point of interest and excitement for the Christmas gatherings and will mean all groups are completely up to date on Yes Registry matters before the festive break, ready for the official launch of the working ‘National Forum’ early in the new year of 2016.

We look forward to hearing from and working with you all soon.

Jason Baird

on behalf of the National YES Registry



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