International coverage!

Hi everybody!
Just to let you know that a great friend to the Yes Registry, ¬†Lesley Docksey, has very kindly written an article on the National YES Registry and it’s goals, and had versions of it published in three different international journals. Lesley is an internationally respected freelance writer who writes on wildlife, the environment and politics and who, because of her interest in democracy, is very interested in the Scottish independence issue. We would like to thank her for getting the word about the YES Registry out there internationally. Her Global research article already has had thousands of shares! We should always remember and cherish the fact that the phenomenon of peaceful self organising politicisation that Scotland (amongst others) is currently at the forefront of, needs to be studied, analysed and learnt from, not just in Scotland or rUK, ¬†but all around the world where ordinary people are struggling to be heard and influence matters directly material to their own lives.
Thanks again Lesley!

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