IndyApp 1.1 is now LIVE!

Hi folks. Well it’s out! 🙂
If you want to get your FREE download of the new app and watch the full user demo film to see all the fabulous new functions of version 1.1 for yourself, then we recommend you visit our new crowd fund page. It’s a great place to get a detailed outline of exactly what we have planned for the NYR IndyApp network over the next 4-5 months, now that Holyrood has voted for a new independence referendum just 18-24 months from now.

Things are going to have to start happening fast. So, our plan now is to completely finish the IndyApp’s 2.0 ‘national forum’ stage and get all the indygroups across the country working with one another in just 4 months flat!

We also want to hold a national convention of all the participating groups 5 months from now. We already have 107 groups on the app and they are all completing their front doors and logging in their memberships as we speak. At our current rate of growth we could have as many as 150+ participating groups by the time the convention comes around! 🙂 This event should be a fantastic face to face grass-root networking opportunity for everybody, as well as a great publicity centrepiece to collectively launch ourselves from.

Really hope you all like IndyApp 1.1 and are up for trying to raise the funds needed to finish the job! We really need 2.0 to get grassroot Scotland properly networked at that national level.

A great big thankyou for all the incredible support, but remember, we are not nearly finished yet…
So go on, Download 1.1, watch the user demo and get up to date with the cracking new #ScotRef campaigning capabilities built into IndyApp 2.0

1 minute taster promo

Academic YES Survey

Dr Iain Black of Heriot Watt University ( and part of Yes Edinburgh North and Leith ) is working on a national academic survey on who took part in the Yes campaign and what they did. If you participated in any part of the Yes campaign (Yes Scotland, WFI, RIC, National Collective etc), Survey now closed. Thank you to those who have taken part.
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