‘Indy App’ : Group membership phases

‘Indy App’ Group membership phases.

You may already be a large, well organised pro-indy group or maybe there are only two of you at the moment wanting to get a local group started in your community? With the help of the new NYR ‘Indy APP’ each group, whatever their stage of development, can easily plug into the greater grass-root Yes movement and get networking with their fellow groups, locally, regionally and nationally. This is your opportunity to test enthusiasm and membership interest in your local area. Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central belt areas of large population are critical to get sufficient coverage for the Indy App’s public launch on the 18th of September but we equally need and welcome groups from every corner of Scotland.

Your Group’s ‘FRONT DOOR’

Each group will be given a ‘Front Door’ on the Indy App. This front door will include information such as Group Name, Group location, Group interests, Group meeting dates, time and venue, Google map of location, a donate button direct to the group and most important of all a contact us and join us button. Each group’s front door will be able to be personalised with an image of each group’s choice. It is these ‘Front Doors’ that each locally interested member of the public will be directed to on downloading the Indy App onto their phone, tablet or other mobile device.

This is the first phase of membership and we need as many pro-indy groups out there to make contact with us in order to get their front door set up and ready for our public launch on September the 18th. Once this has been done, each group can move onto phase2

Once a group ‘front door’ has been set up, that group membership can then start to explore the networking functions within their local ‘Indy forum’. This Forum is an integral part of the Indy App’s design. At this Phase, every member of a participating group will be able to read and write on their own local forum. They will also be able to read what is going on in the national forum among all the other participating groups. Once a group is familiar with the simple layout and functions in their local forum, they will book a final ‘face to face’ meeting with an NYR representative. This final meeting will be to discuss the posting culture necessary for a self-regulating National forum of autonomous groups to operate successfully. Your Group is now ready for phase 3.

At this point your group becomes fully fledged participating members of the NYR ‘Indy App’. You are now able to post on the ‘National Forum’. The National Forum layout is exactly the same as a local Forum except a different colour, this means that once a member is familiar with the simple functions of their ‘local forum’, they are familiar with the ‘national forum’. In almost every way, the ‘National Forum’ is a mirror of the ‘local forums’. The only difference being that individuals post on their ‘local forum’ but only the group as a collective can post on the ‘National Forum’. Each posting on the ‘National Forum’ must be agreed upon by the entire local group. This is to ensure that the ideas and issues being raised nationally are worthy of that heightened status, and that postings of good ideas are not drowned out with trivia. Important self-regulating mechanisms have been designed into the Indy App and these details will be the core of what makes up each group’s final phase 2 ‘face to face’ group meeting.

All ‘local forum’ posting and admin rules will be controlled completely by each autonomous group. The National Forum will initially have posting and admin rules set by the NYR creators, but these will then be modified or changed to suit the democratic will of the membership groups collectively.

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