Downloads for IndyApp 1.3

IndyApp 1.3 for Windows

Download for Windows

This version will work on PC’s/laptops running Microsoft windows.

(N.B. when Downloading and installing this software on your PC any
advisory warning can be safely ignored. *See disclaimer for more

Short Instructions: Download zip file, extract the files, open the
extracted folder, locate the IndyApp icon and open it, select ‘run’ on
pop up warning.

Detailed Instructions

IndyApp 1.3 for Mac OS 

Download for Mac

This version is for Apple mac computers/laptops.

Instructions: download .dmg, double click to unpack file and then open disc image.

Install: Drag IndyApp icon to the applications folder

To Run Indyapp: Open the applications folder, from the list ‘Right
click’ on IndyApp and click ‘Open’, on the pop up notice click ‘Open’
again .

IndyApp 1.3 for Android


This version, distributed by Google Play, is for Smart phones and Tablets running
on the Android operating system


 Indyapp 1.2 for iOS (1.3 coming soon)


This version, distributed by Apple App Store, is for iPhones and iPads.