Detailed Instructions:

a) Download the file: ‘ ‘ to your computer – It is a
zip file containing all the program files. If your browser completes
download and displays a warning to block, or similar, click the option
to accept the risk.

b) Locate the file on your hard drive: (don’t open it from your
browser). Your Internet browser will have placed it in a folder
somewhere like desktop or downloads folder. Some browsers display the
download at the bottom, if so, you can ‘right click’ and select ‘show
in folder’. This will show the folder it is now in.

c) Right click on file and select ‘Extract all…’: – this will
unpack/unzip the compressed file and create a new folder with all the
program files inside. You maybe be asked where you want to place the
Extracted files. Choose a suitable location, i.e, desktop, program
files, documents. (* If you the option is not provided to ‘extract all’, manually create a new folder and copy all the files into it.)

d) Open the Extracted folder and locate the ‘IndyApp Icon’: – it
should look like this (small icon image)

e) Open the Icon: either ‘double click’ or right click and select ‘Open’.

f) Select ‘run’ on pop up warning: – A warning will likely appear
saying, or similar, “The publisher could not be verified, are you sure
you want to run this software?”

g) IndyApp should now load on your screen.

h) To resize the app to fit your screen: – Place cursor at bottom
corner of IndyApp screen/interface, then click and drag keeping the
same aspect ratio (shape.) Then press ‘resize’ button on top left of
Indyapp screen/interface to lock it to this shape. Resize can be used
anytime, but can only be ‘locked’ from screens showing the ‘resize’

i) Optional – Create a short cut to the IndyApp: Right
click on the IndyApp icon and select ‘create shortcut’. A ‘short cut
IndyApp icon’ will appear in the folder beside it. This short cut icon
can be placed outside the folder, i.e: on desktop, to easily run the

(*Disclaimer: The reason your PC may show warnings that this download
may ‘possibly’ be dangerous or ‘might’ contain a virus, is simply
because we haven’t went through the hoops to register with Microsoft
and paid their License fee to be categorised as a known developer; but
have instead decided to provide a direct download of the IndyApp for
Microsoft Windows machines for people to use now, before the
registration process.)