IndyApp 1.1 is now LIVE!

National YES Registry April 21, 2017 | Progress Updates 4 comments

Hi folks. Well it’s out! 🙂 If you want to get your FREE download of the new app and watch the full user demo film to see all the fabulous new functions of version 1.1 for yourself, then we recommend you visit our new crowd fund page. It’s a great place to get a detailed…Read More

A Very Quick update on NYR IndyApp Progress:

National YES Registry March 16, 2017 | Progress Updates 0 comment

Hi folks, we now have 103 groups currently participating in the NYR IndyApp network and each of their Group Editors are in the process of completing their group’s public ‘Front door’ information. This means, once they are all completed, we can launch our new IndyApp 1.1 download fully populated with all 103 participating groups interactive…Read More

NYR IndyApp Update

National YES Registry February 20, 2017 | Progress Updates 0 comment

Hi Folks. Yesterday we sent out Security Logins to all IndyApp group Editors. These Editors now have access to the new NYR IndyApp Editor Portal and are able to complete their group’s public ‘Front Door’ information. We have given each group editor pre download access to the Portal so that, with their co-operation, the new…Read More

Get your ayeMail IndyKit purchase code here!

National YES Registry January 12, 2017 | Progress Updates 0 comment

Hi everybody, any Indy groups out there not yet on the NYR/IndyApp but still wanting their fabulous ayeMail IndyKit please contact us on for a chat about your group and to receive an ayeMail IndyKit purchase code from us. Looking forward to hearing from you. Jason:-)

NYR IndyApp crowdfunding SUCCESS!

National YES Registry September 9, 2016 | Progress Updates 0 comment

Its an NYR IndyApp victory Samba in the Streets of Largs tonight! Thanks to every single donor for your incredible support! Unbelievable! 102% Funded! Good night everyone and thanks again from all here at the NYR.

The ‘Committee Room’ Function on IndyApp

National YES Registry September 4, 2016 | Progress Updates 1 comment

Hi Folks! Here is an extract of a forthcoming article explaining the 5 key functions of the IndyApp. Remember, if you want the IndyApp project to succeed we really need funding. Please give what you can as we are still at only 24% funded with just 4 days remaining… GULP! Function5: The ‘Committee Rooms’ Once…Read More

UPDATE: IndyApp Release Strategy

National YES Registry August 30, 2016 | Progress Updates 0 comment

INDY APP RELEASE STRATEGY UPDATE Hi everybody, in order to maximise the number of groups on the IndyApp ready for our 18th of September launch date, we are making a change to our roll-out plans. Our new aim is to ensure each and every group, at the very least, has a working ‘front door’ with…Read More

IndyApp and crowdfunding update

National YES Registry August 26, 2016 | Progress Updates 0 comment

Hi All! We had a day long meeting with the coders of the IndyApp yesterday and have gone through the first working version in order to snag it for bugs etc. We also still need to make all the little final adjustments to colour, sounds and screen transitions that are so important to the feel…Read More

‘Indy App’ crowd funder is a GO GO!

National YES Registry August 18, 2016 | Progress Updates 0 comment

Here we go folks, the final PUSH! Please give what you can, and as soon as you can! The ‘Indy App’ crowdfund appeal is only over 3 weeks this time (instead of 4) as we have been forced to bring all our plans forward due to Brexit! Our national download launch to the public will…Read More