Interview on Michael Greenwell Scottish Independence Podcast!

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Hi everybody! Just to let folk know that we were very kindly invited by Michael Greenwell onto his Scottish Independence Podcast Series of Interviews to explain the concept of (and the recent developments in), the National Yes Registry project. It has now been posted up and can be heard here Please share it with anyone…Read More

Our first ‘face to face’ group meeting

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Hi everybody, just to say that we had an early meeting on Monday night (17th) with AIM for Yes Garnock Valley and West Kilbride (also attended by members of other local pro independence groups). The discussions were very productive with interesting and considered points being raised. Many of which will be central to the ‘collective’…Read More

National Yes Registry participating groups

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And this is what it’s all about folks! If you can, please donate before 12pm tonight and help us build that grassroot, collectively owned activist network. NATIONAL YES REGISTRY PARTICIPATING GROUP LIST : New contacts since Launch ******************************** Common Weal Moray YES Drumchapel Group Veterans For ScottishIndependence 2.0 Solidarity with Scotland Campaign SNP Supporters Independence Group…Read More

Last day of our crowd fund!!

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Last Day folks!! 60% Funded with now less than 12 hrs left (Gulp) :-/ Please, please share the message of the YES Registry, tweet, recommend and if you possibly can… donate! Every penny counts, please show your support and build that momentum! Watch the film and please recommend that your friends watch it. In 12…Read More

Another possible ‘Case Study’

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Hi everybody! As a follow up to our  article ‘A case study’ we would like to publish an email we received (and our response) from someone who watched our film and wanted to raise another very important, specific and practical idea for how a National YES Registry could help him (and hopefully other like-minded activists)…Read More

Independence Live interview!

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Just to let everyone know that we were very kindly asked by Independence Live to take part in their live-stream ‘Talking Heads’ programme, along with fellow guest Ivan McKee (high profile Yes Campaigner and now prospective MSP candidate for the SNP). Sorry we didn’t manage to get the link up in time for you to…Read More

And another…….!

Admin July 15, 2015 | Progress Updates 0 comment–the-national-yes-registry,7941 Lesley Docksey’s great article on the National YES Registry and Scotland’s continued democratic drive toward independence has now been published by  Congratulations Lesley and thank you for spreading the word  internationally  so effectively. You are a great friend and ally to this project. Many thanks

International coverage!

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Hi everybody! Just to let you know that a great friend to the Yes Registry,  Lesley Docksey, has very kindly written an article on the National YES Registry and it’s goals, and had versions of it published in three different international journals. Lesley is an internationally respected freelance writer who writes on wildlife, the environment…Read More