Creation of the online IndyApp knowledge centre.

Where all users can find answers to frequently asked questions as well as easily access a library of short user demo and training films. We will also have an area in the knowledge centre for ordering Group Training Packs, User Manuals and where new groups can register for training with our new Editor Support Areas.

Recruiting Area Admins

In close collaboration with the groups, we will begin recruiting IndyApp Area Admins, responsible for regional IndyApp group support. An area admin will be responsible for the verification and registration of all new groups as they join the network. Area Admins will also be responsible for communications between local groups and the general public, who have registered on the IndyApp and fall within the different campaigning group areas.

Final fitting and adjustments

Once large scale training is complete, we will inevitably need to make final fitting and adjustments to the IndyApp and Editor Portal functions (as required by its users). This final incarnation of the IndyApp is important, but can only be completed once NYR have access to reliable feedback from trained users who are practically engaged in campaigning. It is this ‘final fit’ version of IndyApp that will be pushed to the public after Christmas.

Enhanced Security, platform functionality and our ‘day to day’ running costs

As the platform becomes used by more and more groups we will put into practice our enhanced security plans to avoid the various types of on line attack that a successful Independence campaign platform is likely to suffer. These plans have financial implications for our current server costs. In addition to security, we also have functionality development of the platform as well as all the usual ‘day to day’ NYR organisational expenses of office, transport, equipment and staffing costs.

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