Need an Android tablet for your IndyApp? Under £29 delivered!

Here are a range of Android tablet deals for Under £29. We know the IndyApp works on them as we used these machines for IndyApp Android development purposes. Not only good for IndyApp, but quite amazing all round for the money. 🙂 This is not an advert as such,

….

NYR IndyApp crowdfunding SUCCESS!

Its an NYR IndyApp victory Samba in the Streets of Largs tonight! Thanks to every single donor for your incredible support! Unbelievable! 102% Funded! Good night everyone and thanks again from all here at the NYR.

….

Great New Bella Caledonia Article!

Many thanks to Bella for following up our ‘full fat’ Audio article with a ‘Full fat’ Published article which fully explains the ‘Committee Room’ Function on the App. Have a read, see what you think?

We are currently only at 45% with just 3 days to go on our crowdfunder so please,

….

Wee Ginger Dug & Indyref2 IndyApp articles!

Want to read how exactly the IndyApp will practically network grass-root Yessers through ALL and any pro Indy activist Groups? What’s your flavour… The Wee Ginger Dug?
or maybe you prefer
G A Ponsonby and
Whoever you choose, please do have a good read and if you like the sound of it,

….

The ‘Committee Room’ Function on IndyApp

Hi Folks! Here is an extract of a forthcoming article explaining the 5 key functions of the IndyApp. Remember, if you want the IndyApp project to succeed we really need funding. Please give what you can as we are still at only 24% funded with just 4 days remaining…

….

UPDATE: IndyApp Release Strategy


Hi everybody,
in order to maximise the number of groups on the IndyApp ready for our 18th of September launch date, we are making a change to our roll-out plans. Our new aim is to ensure each and every group, at the very least,

….

IndyApp and crowdfunding update

Hi All!
We had a day long meeting with the coders of the IndyApp yesterday and have gone through the first working version in order to snag it for bugs etc. We also still need to make all the little final adjustments to colour, sounds and screen transitions that are so important to the feel of a networking tool like this.

….

‘Indy App’ crowd funder is a GO GO!

Here we go folks, the final PUSH!

Please give what you can, and as soon as you can! The ‘Indy App’ crowdfund appeal is only over 3 weeks this time (instead of 4) as we have been forced to bring all our plans forward due to Brexit!

….

Article in the National. There’s an APP for that!

Hi everybody! Here is the link to our article in the National For a full understanding of what the Indy App is, and how we plan to phase in the groups to full membership and ready for our launch to the public on the 18th of September 2016 then please read the two preceding posts to this one.

….

The NYR networking ‘Indy app’

What is the ‘Indy App’?

Hi again everybody!
The ‘Indy App’ is a networking tool that will allow all the autonomous grass-root groups around the country to work together and share resources, experience and campaigning ideas. It will allow mentoring and mutual support among pro indy activists,

….

Academic YES Survey

Dr Iain Black of Heriot Watt University ( and part of Yes Edinburgh North and Leith ) is working on a national academic survey on who took part in the Yes campaign and what they did. If you participated in any part of the Yes campaign (Yes Scotland, WFI, RIC, National Collective etc), Survey now closed. Thank you to those who have taken part.
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